biotech start-up Detoxizymes

Detoxizymes is a biotech start-up located in Naples that develops and produces enzymatic systems for enviromental decontamination and safety of human health. Our technology is based on the use of innovative enzymes for the cleaning of the pesticide residues from fresh foods (fruits and vegetables) and for the detoxification of stocks of obsolete pesticides. The innovation is the high operative stability of the enzymes that came from extremophilic microrganisms isolated from Solfatara (Pozzuoli) and the possibility to stabilize them by protein engineering. 
From the point of view of research and development we are implementing a platform of molecular evolution "in vitro" of enzymes in close relationship with the Institute of Protein Biochemistry of the National Council of Research (IBP-CNR). Enzymes of interest will be modified (in the specificity and stability) through evolution "in vitro" to meet specific market demands.

For more information:
contact Luigi Mandrich
Institute of Protein Biochemistry, Cnr
tel: 081.6132581