Chemical Sciences and Materials Technology

The Department of Chemical Sciences and Materials Technology (DSCTM) has defined as own main mission the “Chemical Manufacturing & Advanced Materials Technology”. Within this framework the research activities are aimed to the development of systems with new functionalities leading to both innovation of products and realization of new services by always considering the environmental issues to pursuit a sustainable growth. The DSCTM’s multidisciplinary approach has created an effective integration of knowledge among researchers from different scientific backgrounds to pursuit the complex needs that are in agreement with the forefront of international strategic research agenda.

Within EXPO Milano 2015, the DSCTM will present two events where the innovative approach of chemical science and materials technology is implemented to contribute for safer food and sustainable management of the agro-food chain. The first event, targeted to a broader audience, will present a monitoring programme of the waste from agro-industry. In the specific, a demonstration of using agriculture waste (i.e.: orange peels and others) to produce bio-based materials and products will be presented. The second event, dedicated to scientific/technical audience, entails the presentation of new materials and nanotechnologies for food conservation to reduce or even eliminate preservative and to improve the quality, safety and shelf-life of food products.