Sustainable Technologies for Controlling Water Consumption in Agriculture

22 September, 2015
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Coordinator: Francesca Argenio (DSCTM)
Coordinator: Gai Hongbo (china embassy)


The effective utilization of renewable water resources in agriculture is a significant challenge in many areas of the globe. The agricultural sector is the largest water consumer accounting globally for about 70% of total water abstraction. Changes in bio-geophysical cycles associated with global warming are expected to further worsen the water crisis in arid and semi-arid zones, and to also increasingly affect temperate regions. Climate change together with rapidly growing demand of water for industrial and urban uses is likely to put under unprecedented pressure the limited water resources for agriculture.

The workshop is focused on the latest scientific findings about improved watering management, increased water productivity and the optimization of water consumption in agricultural watering process, preserving the fertility of the soil, the quality of products and combating aridity. The aim is to promote techniques that could counteract land degradation and water shortage, ensure food security and accelerate the adoption of improved agricultural practices and technologies to meet current and future constraints imposed by climate change. The highly interactive and interdisciplinary environment will permit to exchange and share ideas among participants.

Sessions are devoted to the most advanced technologies and strategies on irrigation systems, soil moisture, farming technologies, new materials and water re-use and use of waste water technologies. This workshop is directed to students, scientist and stakeholders operating in this sector.