Biology, Agriculture and Food Sciences

The mission of the Department of Biology, Agriculture and Food Sciences (DISBA) is to promote scientific and technological knowledge that can be utilized for developing innovative and sustainable agriculture and food chain systems. This mission has to be considered in a global scenario, characterized by increasing human pressure on the environment; current and future climate change; decreasing availability of resources, primarily water; increasing prices of food products; and land use change. The agricultural and forest production system is directly involved in sensible issues for the next decades, such as the protection of the environment, the sustainability of agricultural practices and resources use, and the security and healthy of the food chain, thus working to increase the quality, the production and sustainability of food, while safeguarding environmental and genetic resources and ensuring sustainability of people employed in agriculture and industrial transformation of agricultural products.

Within the frame of “EXPO 2015 – Feeding the Planet, Energy for life” DiSBA acts as promoter and coordinator of all the CNR initiatives, in the entire Italian territory. In this contest Expo 2015 represents a platform to show the main challenges in research for agri-food sector and the results achieved in this field.