The Smart Supply Chain: new materials for the agro-food packaging

28 October, 2014
CNR Departments involved: 


Coordinator: Clara Silvestre
Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Polymers (ICTP)


FAO's projections indicate that by 2050, food production will have to increase by 70% to feed the world's population, which will reach the figure of 9 billion. Considerable efforts are aimed at increasing productivity. However, it is equally important to preserve and protect the entire foodsupply chain product. A huge amount of food, about 40% of the total, is in fact lost during distribution from producer to consumer. Beyond the economic considerations that this waste implies (€ 600 billion/year), such scenario is unacceptable for ethical reasons (about one billion people suffer from hunger) and for its environmental impacts that include deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions (3.3 billion tons/year of CO2). In this regard an action of support for companies becomes necessary in order to help them  in addressing these needs in order to optimize the social interventions with the economic ones and therefore obtain greater results in terms of efficiency with less commitments. The challenge then is to create new materials and apply emerging technologies (nanotechnology, radiation) for proper storage and distribution of food and to contribute to increasing the competitiveness of Italian food industries. 
The event aims to help highlight problems exposed and to promote the global challenge through a comparison involving social organisms most vulnerable and affected; the world of research, business and education. Each component will have the opportunity to express their thoughtsand concerns in order to animate a constructive and interdisciplinary debate to which the audience will be invited to take part.