26 - 29 marzo 2015

Thanks to Internet and to social media, knowledge is available to people worldwide on a scale never seen before. Never before, have technology and the development of science had the potential to ensure the subsistence of an entire population in a short time. Seeds & Chips gave the opportunity to be part of the first international exhibit and conference totally dedicated to the Food & Technology sector. An event that brings together enthusiastic innovators, companies and investors who are eager to change, and in some cases revolutionize, the way food is produced, distributed, consumed and depicted. The exhibition will take place in Milan, the venue of Expo 2015 whose central theme is boosting development and benefit from unparalleled global media attention.

The exhibition will include a wide range of workshops and seminars mainly focusing on:

  • Food and Territory, 
  • Solutions for Developing Countries,
  • Sustainability and Combatting Waste,
  • Traceability and Food Safety.