La Società Italiana della Scienza del Suolo e la World Agricultural Heritage Foundation insieme ad EXPO

GLOBAL SOIL PARTNERSHIP: from theory to practice

30 September 2015 – EXPO, Milan
KIP Pavillon
10:00- 13:00


The fact that the quality of our life depends on the quality of the soils on which we live and carry out all our activities is undeniable! Today, more than ever, the soil quality conservation has become a critical target of sustainable development.
This workshop aims at giving voice to the mission of the Global Soil Partnership for creating and promoting awareness of the soil resources in any social and cultural sphere. Some study cases will show the key role of the correct land management for both maintaining the environmental balance and protecting the soil ecosystem services.


10.15-10.30 Introduction to the workshop: Carmelo Dazzi
10,30 Parviz Koohafkan: The Global Soil Partnership
11,00 Stefano Grego: Importance of soil’s knowledge in the different fields of human activity
11,30 Gilmo Vianello: Methods for the functional recovery of polluted Spolic Technosols.
12,00 Carmelo Dazzi: Lights and shadows of pedotecnique application in large scale farming.
12,30 Anna Benedetti: Soil quality and food safety: the land of fires.
13.00 Stefano Grego: Conclusions.


Genesis, distribution, classification and risks between current reality and future expectations

30 September 2015 – EXPO, Milan
KIP Pavillon
14:30- 18:00


Soil quality and the awareness of soils as keystone for a sustainable development are issues particularly up-to-date. Aim of this workshop is to illustrate the main features of the Italian soils, with emphasis to their genesis, distribution, classification and threats faced by such our priceless natural heritage.


14,30 Introduction to the workshop: Edoardo Costantini & Carmelo Dazzi
The soils of Italy: the book
15,00 Costanza Calzolari: The development of soils survey in Italy
15,30 Edoardo Costantini: Italian soils: type and distribution
16,00 Giuseppe Corti: The management of Italian soil in space and time
16,30 Maria Teresa Dell’Abate: Soil functions and services
17,00 Giuseppe Lo Papa: Threats of Italian soils
17,30 Fabio Terribile: The future of Italian soils
18.00 Anna Benedetti: Conclusions