The great beauty of the Italian landscape: How it was, how it is, how it will be

15 September, 2015
Thematic areas: 


Coordinator: Silvia Fineschi
Institute for Sustainable Plant Protection (IPSP)


Landscape is a recent, hence still indefinite concept. Landscape has always been, and still is, an emergent property, thus an environmental re-arrangement resulting from anthropic activities. With this event, we offer a pathway throughout the history of Italian landscape, following icons and archetypes, with the aim to draw the attention to its complexity and transformations. Nature, agriculture and development of urban structure are opposite factors modelling the human ecosystem as consequence of economic, environmental and demographic reasons, and resulting in a mosaic of different patterns that characterize our habitat and make it unique. The vision on the future is offered by different viewpoints: that of scientists and that of architect, who plays a major role in the environmental alteration. Finally, the invited participants of the event will discuss in a round table about the increasing role of landscape architecture. The conference is an opportunity to discuss the significance and impact of human activities on Italian landscape. The different approaches and examples proposed will possibly contribute to a better understanding of the leading processes of landscape and environment transformation.


Dr. Alberto Giuntoli (Studio Bellesi Giuntoli, Firenze)