Microbiota, nutrition and wellness: a system based approach

16 Settembre, 2015
CNR Departments involved: 
Thematic areas: 


Coordinators: Mena Nazzaro & Mauro Rossi
Institute of Food Science (ISA)



The workshop is sponsored by Invernizzi Foundation and aims to provide theoretical and empirical evidences about the function of microbiota in plants, animal and human being subsistence. The target audience will comprise experts, researchers, journalists and professionals from both the public and private sectors.

Keynote speakers:

Eugene & Ilana Rosenberg (Israel),
The ologenome as unit of selection

Paola Bonfante (Italy),
Microbiota and plants health

John Wallace (Scotland),
Role of microbiota in animal and environmental health

Graham A.W Rook (England),
Microbiota and Hygiene hypothesis

Maria Rescigno (Italy),
Microbiota and immunity

Carlotta De Filippo (Italy),
Role of nutrition in shaping gut microbiota

Claudio Franceschi( Italy),
Microbiota and longevity

Ben Van Ommen (Holland),
Microbiota and nutrigenomics

Lorenzo Morelli (Italy),
Probiotics: international state of the art

Scientific Committee:

Lilia Alberghina (University of Milano-Bicocca)
Duccio Cavalieri (Fondazione Edmund Mach)
Enzo Grossi (Italian Pavillon)
Lorenzo Morelli (Catholic University of Piacenza)
Filomena Nazzaro (CNR)
Mauro Rossi (CNR).