27th International Conference on Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology (ICYGMB)

6 September, 2015 to 12 September, 2015
CNR Departments involved: 


Coordinator: Sergio Giannattasio
Institute of Biomembrane and Bioenergetics (IBBE)



The congress will provide a unique opportunity to share scientific and technological information on highly significant research field of all the yeast species. The conference has been designed to provide the maximum opportunities for interaction between the participants while keeping the accommodation comfortable.

Yeasts are key model organisms in eukaryotic research and in addition play a significant role in many biotechnological processes. The conference is intended to attract all researchers using yeast in their research as model organism or in biotechnological applications.

A special satellite event connecting the ICYGMB-Yeast2015 congress with EXPO2015 has been organized with a dual intent: i) sensitizing the public audit to the role of microorganisms in food and beverage production and ii) showing the model inter-religious, inter-cultural connections characterizing the scientific society. In this occasion, two conferences will be taken in the Contemporary and Modern Art Museum (MART) Museum of Rovereto by outstanding international and national scientists: “Symbiomes: I piccolissimi geni dei luoghi” and “La scienza come nutrice di pace” (speakers contributions will be held in English and simultaneously translated in Italian for the attending public).