Novel Food and Celiac Disease

10 July, 2015
CNR Departments involved: 
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Coordinator: Mauro Rossi
Institute of Food Science (ISA)



Innovative strategies to detoxify wheat gluten. CNR – Institute of Food Sciences- Avellino in collaboration with AIC – Associazione Italiana Celiachia.
The meeting aims at highlighting recent findings in food biotech for people suffering gluten intolerance. Leading scientists will attend the meeting together with AIC heads, an AIC testimonial and a famous chef of the gluten-free food. Discussion will also involve web-blogs, thanks to Dr. Saturni that will lead the debate. “Celiachia Oggi” magazine will advertise this event.



Mauro Rossi (ISA-CNR)
Antonio Picarelli (Università La Sapienza Roma)
Luca Elli (Policlinico Milano)
Letizia Saturni (specialist in Food Science and blogger)
Luigi Greco (Università Federico II di Napoli)
Rossella Valmarana (President AIC Lombardia)
Giuseppe Di Fabio (AIC National President)
Daniele Bossari (Testimonial AIC)
Marco Gobbetti (Università di Bari)
Marco Silano (ISS Roma)
Carmela Lamacchia (Università di Foggia)
Marcello Ferrarini (gluten free chef)


Letizia Saturni, blogger Not only gluten free