Biodiversity and Biotecnology: two resources for Mediterranean Agriculture

10 October, 2014
CNR Departments involved: 
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Coordinator: Domenico Pignone
Institute of Biosciences and Bioresources (IBBR)


Within the frame of the second EUROPEAN BIOTECH WEEK (October 6-12, 2014, http://www.biotechweek.org/) the National Research Council, the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute and Assobiotech organize a meeting to discuss on “Biodiversity and biotechnologies: two resources for the Mediterranean agriculture”.

The Mediterranean area is, in fact, one of the hot spots of climate change and the typical Mediterranean productions are endangered by this occurrence. Biotechnological research might help a better and sustainable use of the natural and agricultural biodiversity in order to address the challenges that are facing the Mediterranean agriculture. Italy contributes to solve the issue with high intensity of research in the agro-food sector. 

The meeting is intended to present the present state of  these researches and tho explore how to possibly transfer the associated knowledge to stakeholders not only in Italy but also all over the Mediterranean.



Welcome greetings (IAM – CNR – Assobiotec)
Cosimo Lacirignola – IAMB, Valenzano. Meeting between needs and knowledge

09.30 - 10.50
Michele Morgante, IGA Udine, Vine genetic mapping and its practical applications
Domenico Pignone, IBBR-CNR, Bari. Germplasm bank of Bari, heritage of biodiversity
Luigi Cattivelli, CRA,Fiorenzuola. Hard wheat vs. “ideal wheat”

10.50 - 11.10
Giuseppe Vendramin, IBBA-CNR, Bari. Biodiversity and climatic changes
Francesco Cellini, Metapontum Agrobios, Metaponto. Typization platform for the Mediterranean agriculture
Assobiotec exponent. Conclusions.

12.30 - 13.30
Round table
Moderator: Ivano Valmori – Agronotizie

Take part: Cosimo Lacirignola (IAMB) – Francesco Loreto (CNR) Elisabetta Lupotto (CRA) – Michele Morgante (SIGA) – Assobiotec