II° Intensive-Practical Sensory Analysis Course

12 November, 2014 to 14 November, 2014
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Coordinator: Stefano Predieri
Institute of Biometeorology (IBIMET)



Sensory evaluation is a worldwide recognized approach utilized in product characterization,  development,  quality control and consumer surveys. IBIMET organizes the second Intensive-Pratical Sensory Analysis Course aimed to provide to professional and researches basic information on sensory methodologies applied in food quality evaluation. The participants to the 3-day short course will be involved in hands-on demonstrations of sensory tests, to assess individual sensitivity thresholds and get acquainted with standard protocols for planning and executing discrimination and descriptive tests. Laboratory activity will be conducted in IBIMET Sensory Lab, with 14 individual sensory booths equipped with networked computers linked through a specific software for data acquisition (FIZZ, Biosystèmes). The course will include experiences related to actual  dynamic sensory evaluation techniques (TDS, TI) and innovative protocols  for consumer studies (Sorting, Napping®, CATA).